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Boosted Board Stealth


The Boosted Board Stealth is the pinnacle of performance with 24 mph Top Speed, Extended Range of 22KM (14 miles) and the new Super Flex Composite Deck.

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    • 20 €

Range Up to 14 Miles
Top Speed Up to 24 mph
Hill Climbing Up to 25% Grade
Ride Modes 5 Ride Modes
Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 11.3 in (W), 38.0 in (L), 5.7 in (H)
Power 2,100 Watts
Braking Regenerative Brakes
Deck Super Flex Composite Deck
Wheels Boosted Stratus 85mm
Trucks 190mm CNC Precision Machined
App iOS and Android™
Remote Ergonomic Bluetooth® Remote
Charging Time 1 hr 45 min

Deck material


Motor power



Top speed

Weight (KG)

9 reviews for Boosted Board Stealth

  1. Al (verified owner)

    I would recommend anyone who are Interested in purchasing a electric longboard. Boosted customer service team are awesome! Two thumps up :)

  2. JS (verified owner)

    Awesome product. And when I emailed them with a query, they were straight back to me.

  3. Simon (verified owner)

    Sikke et fantastisk produkt. Ønsker du et elektrisk skate board, er Boosted den bedste leverandør. Supporten er i top, og alle spørgsmål behandles indenfor kort tid. Supporten hjælper med alt, og Hank (supporteren) er altid klar til at hjælpe. Produktet syntes måske dyrt, men det er et kvalitetsprodukt. Servicen er fantastisk, og som forbruger har man mulighed for at reparere og bestille reservedele til boardet.

  4. Quote by Sam Sheffer (verified owner)

    Overall build quality of the Boosted Stealth is fantastic. I attribute Boosted with quality and they definitely deliver with the Stealth. To me it feels even more like a vehicle.”

  5. Grounding (verified owner)

    Do you know that sensation you have as a kid when you get a new bike, that you want to ride the whole day, you don’t even want to sleep so you can ride more? This thing delivers the same sensation for a 30ish year old. It’s beautifully designed and made to last – I live in Brazil so it has been taking some beating from our pavement – and provides a an indescribable sensation. Very happy to have one, and anxious to see technology development for the next versions.

  6. Kretschmann (verified owner)

    I don’t understand why the one person even rated this 4 stars. If you have a little extra cash to blow and are seriously considering a Boosted Board just make it easy on yourself and get one. I’m an avid board sports person and this thing is just incredible. My commute to work in small town Wisconsin is about 1.5 miles and I get there almost faster now (definitely more enjoyable) and what a way to start your day as well as end it with a night cruise. Great product that looks just as awesome as it performs.

  7. Denise Darlene (verified owner)

    My husband rides this every day. Even he had no idea how much he would enjoy this board. It’s so well made, durable, much faster than he imagined & well worth the investment

  8. dustin (verified owner)

    My brother bought a boosted board a month or two ago. I wasn’t interested in it because of the price, no way I was willing to drop that much money for a longboard. When I went out for a visit I rode it for 2 minutes on the streets of San Francisco, I was immediately sold and didn’t care about the price anymore. I spent the next week or two doing some additional research on which model to buy, customer support, just overall the quality of the company as a whole. I settled on the dual+ :). I found that their customer support was above and beyond what you would expect, and I even discovered that they have a subreddit on reddit.com where a company representative is actively involved in the boosted community. You can find it at: http://www.reddit.com/r/boostedboards/ I love my board and ride it nearly every day. The feeling of hauling ass uphill is just awesome. The stopping power is un imaginable for a motorized long board. You really can just feel it, it’s not the kind of stopping power that will throw you off the board, but if you needed to stop quickly you would just feel the control and adapt accordingly. It charges in 1 hour to full capacity and you can get up to 7 miles of shredding power. Be ready for the looks of awe and amazement for everyone that you pass by, people are blown away when they see you going 15-20mph uphill on what looks to be a regular longboard.

  9. Kouri (verified owner)

    My number one favorite item purchased from Fatdaddy. It begins and ends here. I have 500 miles in this baby. 21 mph. Uphill. Down hill. Make your own race track. It’s a litttle spendy. But go in with a friend.

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